Installing Cattle Guards on I-8 Ramp in Casa Grande

Westbound I-10 to west bound I-8 ramp south of Casa Grande will be closed for about 2 months as the Arizona Department of Transportation continues an improvement project along I-8 from Bianco Road to the I-10 junction that includes installing cattle guards.

The $7.3 mm improvement project on I-8 includes new pipe extensions, guardrails and cattle guards, & lowering I-8 at Thornton Road to meet a new bridge height of sixteencattle guards being added on I-8 feet.

2 thoughts on “Installing Cattle Guards on I-8 Ramp in Casa Grande”

  1. Yo no estoy convencido con lo aqui expuesto, pienso sinceramente que hay muchos factores que no han podido ser tomados en cuenta. Pero valoro mucho vuestra exposicion, es un buen post.

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