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The History of Cattle Guards – Cattle Guards Were Patented in the Early 1970s Shivers

US patent number 3719004 A covers the original cattle guard.

The claim is for:
“Cattle guard apparatus adapted for installation either on lever ground or across a ditch or trench, comprising an open rectangular frame formed by two longitudinal end members and two longitudinal side members disposed in the same plane and connected at their ends. . . ”

And it goes on for another few hundred words.  That is a mouthful to describe such a simple concept.

Interestingly the patent refers to another patent for a Portable vehicle operated gate (patent 3516202 A) that was filed in 1968.  This patent seems to be almost identical to the standard cattle guard or gate except with a spring loaded middle.  It appears that idea was to raise the grates so the animal would be more fearful of crossing.

Original cattle guard patent drawing from 1968
Original cattle guard patent drawing from 1968